ccreditated & Recorded Outcomes

We work with young people on a variety of accredited awards.The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is always at the top of our priories as its a great addition to any young person's C.V. We deliver all aspects of this award including the expedition section so that our young people can achieve the entire award. We also deliver Youth Achievement and ASDAN awards. We used to deliver Keyfund until this stopped running locally. This year we have achieved a Platinum Youth Achievement Award for the first time in our history which was a fantastic achievement. This young person has now completed Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Youth Achievement Awards.

Our recorded outcomes have been hugely improved over few years. Recorded outcomes demonstrate learning during workshops (youth work journey's) discuss distance traveled and achievements made by young people (young person's and youth workers case studies) and evidence one to one working through mentoring and goal setting techniques (star journey's, radar charts, personal development plans & goal finder). Each young person has a personal development file (PDF) which tracks there progress. The 8 - 12 year olds PDF's track progress made during youth club sessions such as workshops, drawings and other work products. The 13 - 19 year olds are much more focused around holding more meaningful information such as a C.V., recorded and accredited achievements, practice job applications, as well as other achievements they make.

We have worked with 25 different young people on achieving their Duke of Edinburgh Award sections, the full award, and Youth Achievement Awards in 2013/14. We also gained 97 recorded outcomes from different young people which is almost twice than we planned. We have had huge growth in this area in recent years and this shows how we are managing to meet the needs of the individuals that we work with within our youth work sessions