oung People

During a usual youth work session you can expect loads to be going on and hopefully you will have lots of fun. You can use our equipment such as pool tables, table football, table tennis, air hockey, computer consoles, karaoke and various board games. We also talk about the issues that maybe affecting you such as alcohol and drug use, and sexual health as well as offering accreditation such as the Duke of Edinburgh and ASDAN Awards.

Below is when our youth clubs are open for you to come along and have some fun.

The Phoenix Youth Project Weekly Youth Work Session's:


Mondays & Wednesdays

6:00pm - 7:30pm (8-12 years) 

7:30pm - 9:00pm (13-19 years)

Friday (Friday Night Project)

6:00pm - 8:00pm (12-19 years)

Cleator Moor

Tuesday & Thursday

6:00pm - 7:30pm (8-12 years)

7:30pm - 9:00pm (13-19 years)

Friday (Friday Night Project)

6:00pm - 8:00pm (12-19 years)

Moor Row


6:00pm - 7:30pm (8-12 years) 

7:30pm - 9:00pm (13-19 years)

Young People's Comments

The best indication of judging the successes of our project is to ask the people who attend for their thoughts and opinions. We ask for positives as well as negatives as we are always looking to improve our services and the offer to our young people.

We asked young people what they enjoy most about youth club and here's a selection of their answers:

'I like the youth workers are a good laugh and we go on trips.' - Female 13 Cleator Moor

'It keeps me off the streets the staff are nice, and all my friends go' - Male 15 Cleator Moor

'Everything because it can make (new) friends' - Male 9 Frizington

'they learn you things such as drug awareness' - Female 16 Frizington

'I can play with friend and it keeps me from getting trouble at home' - Female 11 Frizington

'crack with staff and peers and workshops' - Male 15 Moor Row

'you learn about racism and not to abuse it' - Male 12 Moor Row

There are a lot of great positives here about our staff, the workshops and activities that we deliver and been around friends.

We then asked the young people what they have not enjoyed and here are some of those responses which show we can still improve our services. Although it is fair to say a good number of the young people answered 'nothing' which is great to see:

'The community tasks are boring' - Female 13 Cleator Moor

'That they don't have sports to watch on the tele' - Male 15 Cleator Moor

'not allowed wifi' - Male 14 Cleator Moor

'Workshops (and been) stuck inside' - Male 9 Frizington

'when people swear because it's a bad influence' - Female 11 Frizington

'that you have to do workshops' - Male 12 Moor Row

'when they do not have tuck in' - Male 12 Moor Row

There weren't too many things that they young people didn't enjoy which is great. We don't give young people access to Wi-Fi on their personal phones and tablets for many online safeguarding reasons but we do provide laptops with Wi-Fi in each youth centre. We will have a look at the community tasks and workshops that we have been delivering and try and make these more interesting and fun in the future.

We also asked the young people for their ideas of things they would like to do in the future:

'Go on more trips out that last for a couple of days, with fun activities' - Male 14 Cleator Moor

'Complete my ASDAN also my Duke of Edinburgh Award' -Female 16 Cleator Moor

'Have a charity football match' - Male 8 Frizington

'Get more games and fix the air hockey' - Female 10 Frizington

'sports activity and workshops and Wi-Fi' - Male 15 Moor Row

There are some great ideas here and we will look to achieve. There were a number of requests for a trips to Sandcastles, Chill Factore, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, go-karting, a residential and to go to London, Japan and the Caribbean. London, Japan and the Caribbean maybe more difficult but we will aim to plan the remaining trips in the next twelve months.

We also asked the young people what they got out of attending youth club. Here's some of their responses to this:

'The change to brighten your horizons with the D of E' - Male 18 Cleator Moor

'I have gained more confidence and new friends. Also gained new skills with the Award' - Female 16 Cleator Moor

'new friends, knowledge, drawing skills.' - Female 12 Cleator Moor

'New friends, confidence, artistic skills, behaviour' - Male 9 Frizington

'Learning stuff in the workshops and Duke of Edinburgh Award' - Male 15 Frizington

'more confidence and better behaviour' - Male 15 Moor Row

There are a number of great comments once again here and really show the benefits to each individual young person from attending our provision.